Please follow these 3 links to download the forms to fill out – the contract, information sheet and group shot list template. The information sheet is very important and will be my go to list that I use on your wedding day with the itinerary, important names of guests and your address to send the USB. Please fill this out once you have all of your timings in place ensuring that all addresses and postcodes are present and correct to avoid confusion on the day.

The contract is best signed by hand and then scanned and emailed. When you can please also send me a Microsoft Word document with a numbered list of your group shots.

Please note that I recommend 6 – 8 group shots to keep your photography coverage balanced however I can offer a maximum of 10 group shots within my packages. Please see attached an example to amend.  I can then print several copies of this list and distribute them among the ushers if necessary.

Wedding Contract

Wedding Information Sheet

Group Shot List Template