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Micro Wedding Photographer Surrey

Perry and Felicity's Wedding at Botleys Mansion in SurreyMicro Wedding Photographer Surrey for more intimate occasions

If you’re looking for a micro wedding photographer for your intimate wedding then you’ve come to the right place! I love shooting weddings of all sizes and one of the latest trends in the wedding industry is inviting fewer guests to your wedding. You may be unsure what a micro wedding entails or why you might choose to have one. If you’re seeking an intimate wedding day with more focus on your guests’ experience then a smaller wedding could be for you.

So what is a Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding is when you invite less than 30 guests to your special day. With the smaller numbers it’s also generally cheaper and more relaxed than a traditional wedding.

It’s different from an elopement as there is usually just the couple attending with two witnesses. A micro wedding however, is just like a usual wedding but on a smaller scale. 

How is a micro wedding different to a normal wedding?

A micro wedding doesn’t need to include all the elements of a tradition day like cake cutting, throwing the bouquet or a first dance. That said, for some couples certain elements are still considered essential so they can mix and match what they’d like to include.

There will always be a ceremony and a reception and the couple can decide if they would like the morning preparations covered too. They can also choose to have speeches or otherwise just a toast. The day doesn’t have to fit the traditional timeline of events which some couples find very refreshing!

Bride and groom watching platinum fireworks at Coltsford Mill in Surrey

So why choose to have a Micro Wedding?

1. The day will be more relaxed

The average sized guest list for a wedding is around 80 people. This involves more suppliers, following up RSVPs, arranging the table plans and ensuring there’s enough food and drink to go around.

A smaller scale of wedding is usually much less stressful to organise and focuses on the most important elements for the couple. It’s also simpler to just invite the people you really want to attend which in turn makes it easier to keep them all entertained.

Organising a big event can be much more difficult to manage and many couple’s prefer not to be the centre of attention for the day. By couples choosing the day they want for themselves, rather than trying to please others, this makes the day feel more personal.

At the micro weddings I’ve photographed, there has been an incredibly warm and supportive atmosphere. A smaller wedding doesn’t mean you have to make compromises.A beautiful intimate wedding

2. It can be cheaper

By reducing the head count at your wedding, the cost will obviously be reduced. For some couples budget is a significant consideration and a micro wedding can be particularly appealing to help save money. But spending less money in some areas doesn’t have to mean that the the cash can’t be used to enhance other aspects. For example, perhaps they would rather spend money on the very best food for the menu or the finest champagne. Just because a wedding is more affordable, it doesn’t necessarily mean compromising on quality.

I love micro weddings

3. You’ll have more time to chat to your guests

Weddings seem to go by in the blink of an eye and with a larger guest list couples are lucky to have five minutes with each guest. With micro weddings it’s much easier to interact with your guests and this will help to make them feel more valued.

An intimate wedding moment

4. Personalising the details can be easier

Micro weddings are really the opposite of a package deal and will usually be held in venues offering exclusive use. This mean they will likely have free rein to create the decor they want, along with the running order for the day. This in turn enables couples to create a certain vibe or atmosphere to really make the day their own. 

small wedding at brookfiled barn

5. You’ll find the timings less restrictive

Trying to organise 100 people to all be available on the same day will usually require a weekend wedding. However with a smaller guest list it’s much easier to be flexible on the date and locations. Tying the knot midweek means that there is more flexibility with timings. Couples could get married at a time to suit them in a location that they’ve always dreamed of. These elements will be easier to orchestrate with a micro wedding.

Micro Wedding Sunset

6. There will be fewer people watching you

For some couples, having hundreds of eyes watching them walk down the aisle can make them feel very nervous. When there’s fewer people, couples may feel more at ease and ultimately enjoy their big day in their own way.

Intimate Wedding Photographer Murray Clarke

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Here are some recent micro weddings that I’ve had the pleasure of capturing. Please click below…..

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