Pre-Wedding Photos of Edd and Justine

Edd and Justine are a lovely couple, and I’m really looking forward to shooting their wedding at Great Fosters in the spring. We headed to Richmond Park in the Autumn for their engagement shoot, and I was so pleased with the images we came back with. Upon receiving the images, Edd wrote me probably the most amazing email I’ve ever received, and it certainly made me smile:

“Murray!!!!! I think I can speak for both of us when I say these are simply beautiful! I have had a steady trickle of tears running down my face (this is Edd, btw). Thank you so, so, so much for getting these over to us in a timely fashion. What a surprise it was to brighten our Tuesday up even more. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves Sunday and appreciated your time and efforts in fitting in all that we had asked. Perfection – we are blown away!” – Edd & Justine

You can see their wedding at Great Fosters here.

Engagement-Shoot-Couple-Richmond-Autmnal-Sunset_0001Engagement-Shoot-Couple-Richmond-Autmnal-Sunset_0002Engagement-Shoot-Couple-Richmond-Autmnal-Sunset_0003Engagement-Shoot-Couple-Richmond-Autmnal-Sunset_0004Engagement-Shoot-Couple-Richmond-Autmnal-Sunset_0005Engagement-Shoot-Couple-Richmond-Autmnal-Sunset_0006Engagement-Shoot-Couple-Richmond-Autmnal-Sunset_0007Engagement-Shoot-Couple-Richmond-Autmnal-Sunset_0008Engagement-Shoot-Couple-Richmond-Autmnal-Sunset_0009Engagement-Shoot-Couple-Richmond-Autmnal-Sunset_0010Engagement-Shoot-Couple-Richmond-Autmnal-Sunset_0011Engagement-Shoot-Couple-Richmond-Autmnal-Sunset_0012Engagement-Shoot-Couple-Richmond-Autmnal-Sunset_0013Engagement-Shoot-Couple-Richmond-Autmnal-Sunset_0014Wedding-Photography-Surrey-Blog-Extra-1Engagement-Shoot-Couple-Richmond-Autmnal-Sunset_0016Engagement-Shoot-Couple-Richmond-Autmnal-Sunset_0017Wedding-Photography-Surrey-Blog-1Engagement-Shoot-Couple-Richmond-Autmnal-Sunset_0019You can now see their wedding photos at the magnificent Great Fosters here.

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