Honeyfund Guest Post By Wendy Dessler

How To Include Your Photographer In Your Honeyfund

The photographer you choose is one of the most important decisions you will make for your wedding. The photographer is the one who grabs your memories as they happen and saves them for you for the rest of your life. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It cannot be duplicated. You must have a professional that is qualified and prepared for your wedding photographs.

Often, we cut the time the photographer needs (and do not get what we really want) because of scheduling mistakes and photography expense. Smart couples are finding a better way.

The answer is to include your photographer in your Honeyfund or Plumfund account. A Honeyfund account is a free Crowdfunding service that allows the couple to register for the gifts they want from their guests.

This can be anything from a toaster oven to tickets to a Broadway show. This is where you ask for your dreams. You may want a candle lit dinner on a private beach in Hawaii or a tour package to experience while you are on your honeymoon. This is the place to get those extras you crave from your photographer.

Take it to a new level by setting up a Honeyfund or Plumfund account specifically for your photographer. Lists the different packages that are offered and which ones you have secured. Let guests gift you with additional photo packages and expenses.

This could be a pre-wedding session or an engagement session. It could be adding honeymoon photos. For example, you can list the standard wedding package that you bought (and mark it bought).

You can then add your wish list:

  • One large photograph of the bride and groom (16X20) for framing
  • One pre-wedding photo shoot at the place you met or the place you were engaged
  • Cost of keeping the venue for additional hours so you can take your time with the photographer
  • Photo Albums for you and your family

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Right now, boudoir photographs are the hottest trend. These are sexy photographs (not x-rated but implied nudity) that are taken of the bride posed in the bedroom. The photos are usually put into a small photo album and the bride gives the album (as a gift) to the groom.

The boudoir photography package is a perfect Honeyfund request. These are wonderful gifts that your friends and family know you will love. As they gift you with their selections, don’t forget to tip your photographer.

The photographer works as hard or harder than anyone else working the wedding. They are required to be ready at any given moment to get a shot. They may have to stoop low or climb a ladder to get the angle. While this is optional, it is a good way to build a relationship for future photography needs.

The photographer can earn more money if there is a section set up that allows guest to order prints on their own. This cuts your costs since you will not have to buy additional photographs for family members.

Set up your Honeyfund account early and get the word out. You will need to book additional time with the photographer. This is a win/win situation. The photographer has an opportunity to secure more satisfied customers and you get the photographs you want to pass on to future generations.

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