Wedding of the year 2014 – Your London Wedding Magazine

Louisa & Bevis were nominated for wedding of the year

In August this year, I received an exciting email from Your London Wedding Magazine regarding Louisa & Bevis’ wedding in Chelsea:

“This wedding is lovely and your photos are fantastic so I’d love to include it in the magazine. We have a Wedding of the Year competition that I’d love to include it in if the couple are happy to be involved?”

Of course, Louisa, Bevis and I were thrilled, and they are currently featured in this month’s magazine copy. The images from their day are beautiful, and their natural demeanour shines through in the photos. I really hope that they will win the wedding of the year as it would be a fantastic honour. Thanks again to Louisa and Bevis, and here’s to another successful year of wedding photography in London!

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