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Hannah and Cris’ Wedding in St. Paul’s

St. Vedast Wedding

Cris and Hannah decided to tie the knot at St. Vedast in St. Paul’s. The couple work in the area and the church, pub and even the local Postman Park held special meaning for them. It was a great pleasure to work with such a friendly and genuine couple. Here are some of the highlights.

“We are so happy with our photos as are our family and friends, so much so that my bridesmaid wants to book you for her wedding later this year!? Thanks again Murray, you are the best!” Hannah & Cris

Cris-and-Hannah-Wedding-Photography-St-Vedast-St-Pauls-London-Folly-1 Cris-and-Hannah-Wedding-Photography-St-Vedast-St-Pauls-London-Folly-20 Cris-and-Hannah-Wedding-Photography-St-Vedast-St-Pauls-London-Folly-28 Cris-and-Hannah-Wedding-Photography-St-Vedast-St-Pauls-London-Folly-40 Cris-and-Hannah-Wedding-Photography-St-Vedast-St-Pauls-London-Folly-50 Cris-and-Hannah-Wedding-Photography-St-Vedast-St-Pauls-London-Folly-56 Cris-and-Hannah-Wedding-Photography-St-Vedast-St-Pauls-London-Folly-60 Cris-and-Hannah-Wedding-Photography-St-Vedast-St-Pauls-London-Folly-68 Cris-and-Hannah-Wedding-Photography-St-Vedast-St-Pauls-London-Folly-90 Cris-and-Hannah-Wedding-Photography-St-Vedast-St-Pauls-London-Folly-114 Cris-and-Hannah-Wedding-Photography-St-Vedast-St-Pauls-London-Folly-117

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