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Bride and groom hug closely on their sunny wedding day at Southdowns Manor in West Sussex.

A picturesque wedding venue in Sussex

If you’ve been searching for a venue with breathtaking views of the West Sussex countryside, Southdowns Manor could be the perfect setting for your wedding day. It offers exclusive use, 14 luxurious guest rooms, and charming decor that exudes character and elegance. You’ll definitely feel like the Lord and Lady of the Manor in this regal mansion house.

I’ve worked at this picture-perfect location many times and am always in awe of the majestic manor. The architecture is tasteful and timeless, with bright spaces and chequered floors that provide an abundant location for the ceremony, meal and evening reception. The wooden gazebo outside is licensed for ceremonies, allowing couples to exchange their vows in the natural beauty of the Southdowns National Park. This venue is vibrant and full of atmosphere, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of my favourite places to work as a wedding photographer.

Whether I’m capturing the soft glow of sunshine as it wraps around my subject or the twinkling lights in the reception room, I love to document every moment in this regal estate. I carry a variety of lenses on the wedding day, from shorter wide angles to longer telephotos. This allows me to capture every detail, from epic stills of Southdowns Manor to the intimate moments of the newly wedded couple.

Emily and Glen’s wedding photos at Southdowns Manor

Documenting Emily and Glen’s wedding with my cameras at Southdowns Manor was a day to remember from start to finish. I began their coverage by capturing the preparations in the bridal suite, where Emily was being made up with her excited bridesmaids. It was the perfect opportunity to get everybody used to being in front of lens. I also zoomed down to the bar to meet Glen and his groomsmen for a few relaxed shots of them before the nuptials began.

Their idyllic outdoor ceremony was bathed in glowing sunshine, providing a beautiful setting for the couple to exchange their heartfelt vows. As she proceeded down the aisle, Emily looked radiant in her beautiful wedding dress. Some emotional moments followed, which made for some excellent exposures of the couple as they tied the knot!

Once they had signed the register, newlyweds walked back up the aisle as the guests cheered!

Natural portraits of the bride and groom

I believe the pictures should be all about the wedding day and not the other way around, so I gave the bride and groom lots of time to sip Champagne and celebrate before taking them around the grounds for some relaxed portraits. The elegant backdrop of the manor house in front of the lush green countryside made for some intimate photos of the bride as the groom.

After a delicious banquet back in the estate, it was time for the speeches, cake cutting and first dance as the wedding guests cheered jovially!

Memorable moments recorded in camera in the Southdowns National Park

The relaxed and spontaneous vibe as the memorable moments unfolded made Emily and Glen’s big day in Sussex so special. Some hilarious speeches and heartwarming elements were shared between everyone, making for a joyous and iconic wedding day. I’m so grateful to this lovely couple for choosing me to shoot the most important day of their lives, and I’m delighted to share their montage from Southdowns Manor on my blog. I wish Emily and Glen all the best for a great future together as husband and wife…..

Southdowns Manor wedding venue on a beautiful Summers day with deep blue sky.Dress and shoes in the bridal suite at Southdowns Manor wedding venue.Pink flowers.The bride receives a card with a heart-felt message from her husband to be at Southdowns Manor.Bridal hair at Southdowns Manor.Bride and her bridal party celebrate with champagne on the four poster bed at Southdowns Manor.Father of the bride sees his beautiful daughter for the first time in her wedding dress at Southdowns Manor.The bridesmaids smile and laugh before the wedding ceremony.Outdoor ceremony set up at Southdowns Manor overlooking the countryside.Bride walks down the aisle with her father on her wedding day.Outdoor wedding ceremony at Southdowns Manor.Bride and groom walk back up the aisle after their outdoor ceremony at Southdowns Manor in Sussex.Bride and her bridesmaids at Southdowns Manor on a sunny day.Bride and groom cheer with all their wedding guests with Southdowns Manor in the corner of the picture.Wedding reception room all laid out at Southdowns Manor.Wedding guests throw confetti at the bride and groom on their wedding day in the Southdowns hotel.Father of the bride delivers his speech at a wedding at Southdowns Manor.A guest laughing at a wedding.Bride and groom stare lovingly in to each other's eyes on their wedding day with Southdowns Manor in the background.Bride and groom kiss on their wedding day at Southdowns Manor in West Sussex.Bride and groom smiling whilst they take a stroll on their wedding day in the Summer.Bride and groom hug closely on their sunny wedding day at Southdowns Manor.Bride and groom practice their first dance together on their wedding day with the Southdowns Manor hotel as the backdrop.Bride and groom smiling whilst they take a stroll on their wedding day at Southdowns Manor Hotel.Bride and groom hug closely on their wedding day in West Sussex.Bride and groom stare lovingly in to each other's eyes on their wedding day at Southdowns Manor.A beautiful bride holding her pink bouquet of flowers at Southdowns Manor.Bride and groom cut the cake together on their wedding day at Southdowns Manor in the National Park.Bride and groom have their first dance together on their wedding day at Southdowns Manor.My approach to photography at Southdowns Manor

I strive to document authentic moments in my work at the Southdowns Estate. My candid approach, honed by years of photojournalism experience, avoids stiff poses and captures your wedding’s natural flow and genuine emotions. I want to record your love story in this beautiful setting in timeless detail to create lasting memories. As I snap away with cameras, I’ll be unobtrusive around the couple and their guests, following the elements closely in my viewfinder.

Blending in allows me to capture the events at the manor house without being detected to create a meaningful illustration of the day unfolding. In my camera rucksack, I carry a variety of lenses, from wide-angle to longer telephoto, enabling me to document the establishing images and the intimate close-ups of the bride and groom. When the sun goes down, I’ll change from zoom to prime lenses, allowing my camera to record the light through a wide aperture. Being ready for anything is essential for a wedding photographer, and I adjust equipment as the environment changes.

Are you seeking natural and meaningful memories of your big day?

Please get in touch with me via my contact form if you like my wedding photography and candid approach. It would be lovely to hear your plans and aspirations for your big day so that we can create some beautiful images together at Southdowns Manor.

Previous weddings from Southdowns Manor

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